Being creative with coloured dot stickers

If your thinking on how to organise your filing system at home or in the office, have you ever thought about those little coloured dot stickers you may have seen on year planners?

These little guys are more than just little sticky coloured dots, oh yes! As you can get them in various colours, they have such a massive range of uses one of which as mentioned for organising filing. You may even use those coloured dots in the office on the staff wall planner to check who is on holiday and what day.

We have seen in the past that these small self adhesive dots have attracted artists to create an art piece for their portfolio. Well if you have the artistic flair I’m sure that these dots will certainly give you an alternative way to create art work.

A6 and 6×4 inch Photo Paper Sizes

Well looking at a few websites and various shopping channels and auction web sites, there are a few people advertising A6 photo paper as the same size as 6×4″ photo paper. Well when it comes to edge to edge printing, I’m sure a few people will find out that it isn’t the same at all.

The measurements are actually…..

A6 Photo paper measures 4.1 x 5.8 inches which is certainly not 6×4 although near too. The simple fact is that if they were the same, why do we have an A6 and a 6×4 inch as a separate measurement of photo paper.

Buying Till Rolls for your PDQ card machine

We’ve added some more till rolls to our stock so if you are looking to buy new paper rolls for your cash register or card machine, I’m sure we will have them in stock for same day dispatch. These paper till rolls are in various sizes such as 57mm x 40mm, 57 x 57mm and 80mm x 80mm. More will be available such as 2 ply paper rolls for restaurant printers. Keep an eye open for new products on our website and facebook pages.