Personalised Christmas Gift Tags

When we want to make something a little personal, its always nice to get the message across at Christmas time with some gifts tags printed with your own personalisation. It’s an easy thing to do, not only are you letting someone do the printing for you, you are also making the task of sticking labels […]

Personalised Address Labels

Choosing a new personalised address label for your envelopes and packages will give your recipient the clarity of where they need to correspond to should they need. With many items becoming lost in the post, it is also a good solution to have a return address or contact address on your envelopes and boxes. Lets […]


Hi all welcome to the new PC-UK.NET blog, we will be letting you know what is happening in the wonderful world of printing supplies. If its questions on ink refill kits or you are looking for the next deal that we will have on cheap photo paper then you will find it on our blog pages.

Buy Cheap Photo Paper

Well its time to download the photos from your digital camera and take a look at your memorable pictures from the summer holidays. Well before you start printing your photos out, make sure you don’t have some embarrassing pictures on your camera of you asleep at the side of the swimming pool with your brother […]

Buying Till Rolls for your PDQ card machine

We’ve added some more till rolls to our stock so if you are looking to buy new paper rolls for your cash register or card machine, I’m sure we will have them in stock for same day dispatch. These paper till rolls are in various sizes such as 57mm x 40mm, 57 x 57mm and 80mm x […]

Ink Cartridge Refill Kits

Looking into the reasons why we would want to refill our empty ink cartridges is quite simple. Whilst we know there are indeed a number of compatible and re manufactured ink cartridges on the market. The prices can still be a bit of a blow on the pocket, so the ink cartridge refill kits are a great […]

Being creative with coloured dot stickers

If your thinking on how to organise your filing system at home or in the office, have you ever thought about those little coloured dot stickers you may have seen on year planners? These little guys are more than just little sticky coloured dots, oh yes! As you can get them in various colours, they have such […]

Not Just an Envelope

Envelopes Well to us all, we know the humble envelope as a sheet of folded paper with a seal-able flap. However this little sheet of paper is more than just that. Oh yes indeed. It’s a way of helping people communicate with each other, an alternative to the more hi tech ways nowadays of email […]


We all now how frustrating it can be looking for stationery supplies, certainly where price and quality should really go hand in hand. There are a lot of suppliers out there that will give a great deal with free delivery. Such as our own PC-UK.NET shop. We truly believe in giving all of our customers a […]

What to look for when buying Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges

We all want cheaper prices on printer ink cartridges When it comes to looking for ink cartridges for inkjet printers, that will not only give a great print out on your paper but will also give you low prices, there are many things to think about. If a cartridge is cheap, how will that affect my […]