Time To Move With New Address Stickers

Moving to a new Address

It’s that busy time when it comes to moving house, you have packed all you need including the kitchen sink into the many boxes and cleared all your belongings away for their new journey to your new home. Have you used a colour coding method for all your boxes? It’s always a good idea to use coloured dot stickers on your boxes to remind you of what box is for which room. You can have a colour coded room chart to remind you of the rooms relevant for the boxes to go in. It’s more eye catching than trying to read an upside down bit of writing.

coloured dot stickers

Coloured Dot Stickers

So after all is done, off you go on your merry way, waving goodbye to the house and home that you have been living in for all those years. It’s time to be prepared for all the fun ahead of unpacking. Have you also made a check list of what you need to do when you move to your new address?

Not many people will think straight away of letting people know you have moved till after the event. You have been too busy dealing with a big house move than looking to send notification cards with new address stickers on them to let everyone know you are now in a new home.

new address stickers

New Address Stickers

Lets face it, a simply way of letting your friends and family know is to pop a label on a card and send it to them in the post. There are many ways to notify people, you can even have personalised address labels if you wish and send them too.

personalised address labels

Personalised Address Labels


What to look for when buying Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges

We all want cheaper prices on printer ink cartridges

When it comes to looking for ink cartridges for inkjet printers, that will not only give a great print out on your paper but will also give you low prices, there are many things to think about.

cheap printer ink

Buying cheap printer ink

  • If a cartridge is cheap, how will that affect my printer quality for example?
  • Will the cartridge include a delivery charge or will I need to pay extra?
  • Ive been told that compatible inks will invalidate my printer warranty.

Buying cheap is not always a waste of time

If you have bought cheap printer ink in the past, you will know that these are usually the compatible cartridges as they seem to be a lot lower in price than the printer manufacturers. Millions of cartridges are available all over the world and yes, there are some compatibles that will not perform as they should however there are also some that will and even to the same standard as the original printer manufacturers. So dont panic and do some research before you simply go for the very lowest price cartridge. There are decent and reliable cartridges just a fraction of the cost higher in price but still budget friendly.



Not Just an Envelope


Well to us all, we know the humble envelope as a sheet of folded paper with a seal-able flap. However this little sheet of paper is more than just that. Oh yes indeed. It’s a way of helping people communicate with each other, an alternative to the more hi tech ways nowadays of email and chat.

We usually use envelopes to put documents or letters into, seal and send them off to the recipient, in the hope it will reach them in the perfect and loving way it was intended. If it wasn’t for these envelopes a lot would not happen in life. Just think of all the legal communications that require an official document to be sent and signed in person rather than electronically. If you are buying a house, you always come across paper work that we need to sign and send back in to the solicitor, yes you’ve guessed it, another envelope!

Envelope Sizes

We can use various sizes of envelopes such as the C5 Envelopes which measure 162mm x 229mm also known as A5, C6 Envelopes measure 114mm x 162mm or A6, DL envelopes measure 110mm x 220mm and C4 envelopes sometimes known as A4 envelopes which do actually measure 324mm x 229mm which is larger than A4. Smaller envelopes are also great for using as seed packets to keep the seeds nice and fresh.

Types of Envelopes

If you are sending just a general letter and it isn’t that important how it looks then choosing brown envelopes which are also called manilla envelopes are a good option as they are probably one of the more basic looking cheapest envelopes. To give a nice clean image and professional look it would be perhaps better to choose white envelopes as they do look more expensive but actually they are also cheap to buy.

Sometimes when we need to send documents or letters that are imperative are kept straight and flat, this is when Do not bend envelopes are really needed. These are made from the same material as the standard envelopes but also have a hardback to them. On one side they do have the words DO NOT BEND making it clear for the post person that they need to stay flat.

Don’t ever take this little folded piece of paper for granted, oh no it is so much more than that. But what do we do with the envelope at the end of it’s journey. Well we usually either pop it in the bin or the better option would be to send it into the recycling bin, that way at least its got half a chance to be a sheet of paper again!




We all now how frustrating it can be looking for stationery supplies, certainly where price and quality should really go hand in hand. There are a lot of suppliers out there that will give a great deal with free delivery. Such as our own PC-UK.NET shop. We truly believe in giving all of our customers a great buying experience whether you are looking to buy envelopes or office paper.



We always like to provide great products at great prices so heres to saving money on all your office supplies.

Being creative with coloured dot stickers

If your thinking on how to organise your filing system at home or in the office, have you ever thought about those little coloured dot stickers you may have seen on year planners?

These little guys are more than just little sticky coloured dots, oh yes! As you can get them in various colours, they have such a massive range of uses one of which as mentioned for organising filing. You may even use those coloured dots in the office on the staff wall planner to check who is on holiday and what day.

We have seen in the past that these small self adhesive dots have attracted artists to create an art piece for their portfolio. Well if you have the artistic flair I’m sure that these dots will certainly give you an alternative way to create art work.

Ink Cartridge Refill Kits

Looking into the reasons why we would want to refill our empty ink cartridges is quite simple. Whilst we know there are indeed a number of compatible and re manufactured ink cartridges on the market. The prices can still be a bit of a blow on the pocket, so the ink cartridge refill kits are a great reason to keep your hard earned pennies in your pocket.

While you may think that refilling can be a time consuming messy process, this is mainly down to being patient and refilling your printer cartridge carefully and reading the instructions, with one of the main issues is over filling and not leaving the cartridge over night to drain any excess ink. This can cause the fore mentioned “messy process” so if you are willing to take your time refilling then you will save your self a fortune rather than buying new ink cartridges.

Cheap ink cartridges for Epson Inkjet printers

Whilst some people may find it hard to find a reliable compatible Epson ink cartridge, we have discovered that there are indeed plenty out there on the market of varying quality standards.  You may indeed get the odd lucky cheap cartridge that will perform its printing jobs without an issue, but can you guarantee consistency and reliability with compatible Epson ink cartridges. Well we do sell Epson compatible printer cartridges that are pocket friendly and indeed continue to give reliable printing time after time. So much so we even use them in one of our office Epson printers so even we know that time after time our nice cheap ink cartridges are also a great buy for quality and print-ability.


Buying Till Rolls for your PDQ card machine

We’ve added some more till rolls to our stock so if you are looking to buy new paper rolls for your cash register or card machine, I’m sure we will have them in stock for same day dispatch. These paper till rolls are in various sizes such as 57mm x 40mm, 57 x 57mm and 80mm x 80mm. More will be available such as 2 ply paper rolls for restaurant printers. Keep an eye open for new products on our website and facebook pages.

Ink Refill Instructions

Well we know there are a lot of instructions out there on the internet on how to refill your ink cartridges, so we thought it would be a good idea if you could let us know of any ink cartridges refilling instructions that you are struggling to find. We will be sharing the ones we have on here and a few others as we come across them so please bear with us. Using ink refill kits is a great way to save money when it comes to replenishing the ink in your empty printer cartridge.

Whatever printer model you have Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP or Lexmark please let us know and we will see how we can help you out.

Buy Cheap Photo Paper

Well its time to download the photos from your digital camera and take a look at your memorable pictures from the summer holidays. Well before you start printing your photos out, make sure you don’t have some embarrassing pictures on your camera of you asleep at the side of the swimming pool with your brother or sister taking advantage and grabbing a few shots of you sleeping away getting sun burnt. When you have decided on the best pictures make sure you choose the right photo paper size for your picture and more importantly for your printer. You may struggle to print an A3 photo paper on an A4 printer 🙂

With varying qualities of photo paper on the market be sure to choose a decent quality cheap photo paper rather than just a photographic paper that is the cheapest, as we all know you get what you pay for so its always recommended to try a smaller pack and see how that performs. If you are satisfied its best to buy a smaller pack of photo paper and spend a little than lose a lot more money on buying glossy photo paper that doesn’t meet your expectations. So remember think before you print.