Well to us all, we know the humble envelope as a sheet of folded paper with a seal-able flap. However this little sheet of paper is more than just that. Oh yes indeed. It’s a way of helping people communicate with each other, an alternative to the more hi tech ways nowadays of email and chat.

We usually use envelopes to put documents or letters into, seal and send them off to the recipient, in the hope it will reach them in the perfect and loving way it was intended. If it wasn’t for these envelopes a lot would not happen in life. Just think of all the legal communications that require an official document to be sent and signed in person rather than electronically. If you are buying a house, you always come across paper work that we need to sign and send back in to the solicitor, yes you’ve guessed it, another envelope!

Envelope Sizes

We can use various sizes of envelopes such as the C5 Envelopes which measure 162mm x 229mm also known as A5, C6 Envelopes measure 114mm x 162mm or A6, DL envelopes measure 110mm x 220mm and C4 envelopes sometimes known as A4 envelopes which do actually measure 324mm x 229mm which is larger than A4. Smaller envelopes are also great for using as seed packets to keep the seeds nice and fresh.

Types of Envelopes

If you are sending just a general letter and it isn’t that important how it looks then choosing brown envelopes which are also called manilla envelopes are a good option as they are probably one of the more basic looking cheapest envelopes. To give a nice clean image and professional look it would be perhaps better to choose white envelopes as they do look more expensive but actually they are also cheap to buy.

Sometimes when we need to send documents or letters that are imperative are kept straight and flat, this is when Do not bend envelopes are really needed. These are made from the same material as the standard envelopes but also have a hardback to them. On one side they do have the words DO NOT BEND making it clear for the post person that they need to stay flat.

Don’t ever take this little folded piece of paper for granted, oh no it is so much more than that. But what do we do with the envelope at the end of it’s journey. Well we usually either pop it in the bin or the better option would be to send it into the recycling bin, that way at least its got half a chance to be a sheet of paper again!

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