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Choosing a new printer can sometimes be daunting, there are so many makes and models available along with whether it is best to choose an inkjet printer for home use or maybe if you are looking to print more documents then something such as a laser printer would be more beneficial. Luckily at PC-UK.NET we like to keep things simple and offer a handful or printers to make your choice a lot easier. 

Types of Printers available

Inkjet Printers

Generally speaking the most common type of printer would be the inkjet printer. Basically these printers are cheap to buy and usually cheap to buy the inks cartridges too. These are more attractable to the home user for occasional use but there are also high end inkjet printers that can print outstanding images on photo papers so there is more to the humble inkjet than meets the eye. Inkjet printers use a tank of ink called a printer cartridge which will use a print head to lay the ink on to the paper. 

Laser Printers

In a business environment it would be more common to see a laser printer being used as these kinds of printers are for more intense printing, they can print many sheets one after the over and have a high ppm print rate in comparison to inkjet printers. Laser printers use a series of internal components such as toner cartridges, drum cartridges to get the image from your PC to page. These can handle a large amount of prints and are built to do exactly that. Replacement toners and drum units will cost more, but you will get a lot more pages compared to inkjet printers.