50 A4 OHP Sheets for Inkjet and Colour Laser Printers by PC-UK.NET


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139 in stock

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A4 OHP sheets for use with colour inkjet printers and colour laser printers. If you are looking for overhead projector film with a clear transparency that will give you an excellent print out and show clear images, then this OHP film is just what you need.

Our A4 acetate film sheets are compatible for use with inkjet printers so you can use these at home or in the work place to give you great results whether for a media project or craft design work. Inkjet 

Simply put the A4 transparency paper in the inkjet printer on the printable side and click to print your inkjet transparency film out with your image on. Leave to dry for a few minutes and you can then use on your overhead projector.

Package Content: 50 sheets of OHP sheets
Print Quality: 19200dpi
Drying Time: Approx 2 minutes
Compatibility: Inkjet and colour laser printers

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