Compatible Epson 29XL Multipack Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Ink Cartridges T2996


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10 in stock

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Compatible Epson 29XL black, cyan, magenta and yellow multi pack ink cartridges T2996 for use with Epson inkjet printers. These are compatible ink cartridges suitable for use in the below Epson printers. Buying a set of ink cartridges is an even more cost effective alternative to the original Epson 29XL (C13T29964010) cartridges and will perform just as good as the original epson inks.

Type: High capacity compatible inkjet cartridge
Colour: Black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink
Brand: Compatible
Equivalent to: Epson 29 Black, Epson 29 Cyan, Epson 29 Magenta, Epson 29 Yellow, T2991, T2991, T2993, T2994, 29XL, Epson 29XL, Epson Strawberry
Capacity: 18.2ml (Black) 14ml (Each colour)

For use in the following Epson inkjet printers:

Epson XP-235 Ink Cartridges
Epson XP-332 Ink Cartridges
Epson XP-335 Ink Cartridges
Epson XP-432 Ink Cartridges
Epson XP-435 Ink Cartridges

Please note that these are compatible NON OEM ink cartridges.

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