Technical Help

Ink Refill Kit Technical Help

If you are looking for ink refill instructions please contact us and we will send you refill instructions. 

Ink and Toner Cartridges Technical Help

Canon Ink Cartridges

Reset Instructions for Canon PG40 / CL41 / PG37 / CL38 / PG50 / CL51 / PG510 / CL511 / PG512 / CL513 / PG540 / CL541 when the ink level is showing empty or low ink.

Epson Ink Cartridges

If you have any issues with poor print performance when you replace your ink cartridge, or even if you havent replaced your ink cartridge, the most common reason is down to the print head being blocked on the epson printer. Epson cartridges are basically a tank filled with ink, the print head is situated on the printer itself. If the printer hasn’t been used for a period of time, the ink that is left on the outside of the print head will block and make it impossible for the ink to get through the tiny holes on the print head. 

How do I resolve the poor printing issue?

Well there are a couple of ways, the first way is to use the print head clean function on your epson printer (please consult your instruction manual or epsons web site), it will most likely take quite a few attempts to clear the print head in normal cases. In more severe cases you will need to clean the print head using a print head cleaner kit. The kit consists of a syringe, cleaning fluid and a tube which is used to force the cleaner through the top side of the print head (where the cartridge clips into the print head). These kits are available online we are looking to have these available in the coming months on our web site.

Jettec re manufactured ink and toner cartridges

If you encounter any errors or printer messages when you install your remaufactured ink cartridges or need help when installing Jettec remanufactured ink cartridges, then please see their technical help web site where you can find information on installing your cartridges correctly. Click here

Photo paper technical help

A: Check that you printer can handle the paper thickness and size together, such as A4 and 230gsm. Some printers may accept 230gsm but this could be limited to the paper size such as only 6×4 inch 230gsm can be used. If you go to the manufacturers web sites and search for your printer, you will be able to look at the “Media Handling” or “Paper Type” that is most suitable for your printer.

Please ensure you have selected the highest print quality in your printer settings.


A: Your printer settings may need to be changed from the default photo paper thickness on your printer. This can be done via the pop up prompt you get prior to printing or by going to the following area on your computer: Control Panel > Printers (hover over your printer icon, right click and look for “Printer Preferences” and click. This is the area where you need to change the paper type. You can select “Other Photo Paper” or Search for a most relevant choice for your printer from the manufacturers photo paper names and weights, you can see a few samples below:

Canon Everyday Use Glossy GP-501 = 210gsm
Canon Plus Semi Glossy SG-201 = 260gsm
Canon Plus Glossy II PP-201 = 275gsm
Canon Pro Platinum PT-101 = 300gsm
Epson Photo Paper Glossy = 200gsm
Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper = 255gsm
Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper = 300gsm

HP Professional Glossy Photo Paper = 180gsm
HP Everyday Glossy Photo Paper = 200gsm
HP Advanced Glossy Photo Paper = 250gsm
HP Premium Plus Glossy Photo Paper = 300gsm

** Please note some Epson printers may not feed the GO Inkjet photo paper due to Epson designing their printers for their own photo paper surfaces. The GO Inkjet photo paper has a more glossy smooth coating in comparison to the manufacturers photo paper which some printer pick up rollers struggle to feed through. The thicker gsm combined with glossiness could cause feed issues. Other feed issues with the glossy paper could be down to a coating being on the pick up roller (usually on printers that have been used quite a lot for printing).

Please check the paper handling for the paper trays and paper feeds, the manufacturer will state how many pages “maximum” can fit in the printer tray.

Some printers may need photo paper to be fed from a manual feed tray or similar rather than the standard tray which would be used for normal paper.

A: Sometimes the photo paper may stick slightly to each other due to any static build up, if you seperate the sheets and reinstall into your printer, this should cure the problem.

A: Our glossy photo paper is waterproof, if you are using a pigment ink cartridge (waterbased ink) this is the reason why the ink will not dry. Normal dye based printer ink is fine as this is a dye ink and not waterbased.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to send us an email and we will reply as soon as possible. Click here