Moving to a new Address

It’s that busy time when it comes to moving house, you have packed all you need including the kitchen sink into the many boxes and cleared all your belongings away for their new journey to your new home. Have you used a colour coding method for all your boxes? It’s always a good idea to use coloured dot stickers on your boxes to remind you of what box is for which room. You can have a colour coded room chart to remind you of the rooms relevant for the boxes to go in. It’s more eye catching than trying to read an upside down bit of writing.

So after all is done, off you go on your merry way, waving goodbye to the house and home that you have been living in for all those years. It’s time to be prepared for all the fun ahead of unpacking. Have you also made a check list of what you need to do when you move to your new address?

Not many people will think straight away of letting people know you have moved till after the event. You have been too busy dealing with a big house move than looking to send notification cards with new address stickers on them to let everyone know you are now in a new home.

Lets face it, a simply way of letting your friends and family know is to pop a label on a card and send it to them in the post. There are many ways to notify people, you can even have personalised address labels if you wish and send them too.

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